Why do more companies move from wooden pallets to plastic pallets?

Lower Carbon Emissions

Being lightweight compared to wooden pallet, this will reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions

Reduced Deforestation

Millions more trees need to be cut down to sufficient supply wooden pallet demand.

Supply Stability

Plastic pallets are the answer to solve the pallet shortage issue

Contamination Free

Moisture and insect resistant, plastic pallets need not be treated to prevent fungus growth, insect infestation etc

Are Mah Sing Plastics Pallet Recyclable and Sustainable?

Yes, our products are made from 100% reused and recyclable material. They can be used again and again and finally recycled for a fresh start.

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The Benefits of Plastic Pallet

  • Hygiene
  • Cost-effective
  • Compliance with ISPM 15 Standard
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Withstand Harsher Weather
  • Recyclable with higher scrap value

We have the right plastic pallet for every sector.
Now your business too, can stay always on.

Plastic Pallet vs Wooden Pallet: which is better?

Wooden Pallet Recycled Plastic Pallet
Safer Handle
All Industries
100% Recyclable & Sustainable

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